How we work our magic…

As the UK’s first fully virtual bookseller, we take pride in being different. This difference means we work with a huge number of suppliers to bring you so many items on pbshop.store.

When you order with us, we also order with them. The product is then sent on to us to be lovingly packaged and sent on its way to you.

It’s incredibly simple, and great for the environment, as we only move stock when we know we need it, reducing our carbon footprint.

As each item can be sourced from varying locations, you will always see it’s unique delivery time on its listing.

When it comes to payment for your order, we will not charge you until your order has arrived at our facility. Should for any reason our supplier not be able to fulfil the order, we will inform you immediately and instead of waiting days for a refund, you will simply see these funds available again within your account.

We think it’s better this way.

As we pride ourselves on service, we encourage you to contact us with any question at all you may have or simply to say “hello” – we love a chat.

We want to offer the same service you would receive in a bookshop, with staff on hand to help.

Should you want to browse in peace, we have provided a few popular topics below.

Postage Cost

We include postage in the cost of your item – we do not proclaim it to be free. Should you change your delivery address within your account to another country postage and any applicable tax will be recalculated but still included.


Is your order not exactly what you envisioned? Please contact us our Customer Service Team who will help you with this process. Perhaps there is a friend or family member who could make use of this book so you can join us in helping to curb climate change. In the words of Greta Thunberg, “Together and united, we are unstoppable.” 


If you would like to receive an invoice, this will be provided by email once your order has been hand packaged and dispatched.


If VAT is applicable to your order, this is already included in the price at checkout depending upon your location and country. Do not fear if you need to amend the country; we’ll adjust the VAT where appropriate. If you need a more detailed breakdown this will be shown at checkout and also included in your invoice. 

Amending your delivery address

If you have embarked on a new adventure in the form of moving house and you need to update your address details, we have a section on our website which allows you to do this in a few quick steps. Simply go into the address book in your account and add a new delivery or billing address and we will do the rest. 

Cancel or make a change to your order 

Bought this for a gift, only to discover that they have it on their bookshelf already? Made an error with your order? Contact our customer services team here who are ready to help.


Found a book that is your perfect match? Got an idea for birthday or Christmas? Simply click ‘add to wishlist’ so you can share these with friends and family to make the gift of giving even more magical, for a book is a dream that you hold in your hand, just ensure that you’re logged into your PBShop account.

Once again we encourage you contact our Customer Service Team with any query you may have.